14 April 2015


Exclusive stay in one of the best Resorts in Italy, Lefay Resort & SPA 5 stars on Lake Garda, Italy.

Lake Garda. For those who still want to be amazed, for those who in a holiday love to lose themselves and then find themselves.

New luxury: space, nature, silence and subtle service but attentive to every detail. For an exclusive stay. The Mediterranean climate, the vegetation, the flavors and the local scents, the splendid landscapes that give rise to historical testimonies and folklore events: Lake Garda is a unique destination that has inspired great poets and is discovered in the wonder of every its glimpse.

Lefay Resort & SPA Lake Garda is located in Gargnano, in the heart of the enchanting Riviera dei Limoni, 11 hectares immersed in gentle hills and natural terraces of woods and olive groves, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake.

A stay to give to those who love it, because there is nothing more beautiful than experiencing experiences that can make us happy. “In a wonderful scenario, you can leave the world and immerse yourself in a moment, without thought for tomorrow.”


Garda Lake , Italia



  1. Let go of the magic of the lake during a beautiful sunny spring day
  2. Pampered and spoiled in one of the most beautiful resort in Italy
  3. Delight the sublime cuisine of the best starred chefs
  4. Find the inner wellbeing in the hotel Spa
  5. Rediscover the authentic Italian tradition: style, cuisine, and smile